Hi, I’m Rob from inlineskates.com and we have the RB XL from Rollerblade. This skate is for that guy that’s been having a real hard time finding a skate that has really big feet. The skate goes all the way up to a 17.5. It has a Training 5 Star Fit Liner. Very comfortable liner providing some nice support and stability, also some nice ventilation to help keep your feet cool during longer skates. Has a cuff buckle up top and a power strap across the top of the foot to help keep your heel pulled back into the heel pocket of the skate and then a standard lacing system coming up the skate to tie it up. 90mm wheels with an 84A durometer. Very durable, smooth-rolling wheel, cover some nice ground with each stride. Has an Extruded Aluminum Frame, great power transfer and energy transfer from your foot to the wheels to the ground providing a nice smooth roll coupled with an SG5 bearing. It’s a very smooth rolling bearing but isn’t going to get you up to those real high speeds that you maybe aren’t necessarily looking for. So, a really nice skate for someone with a larger foot that’s looking in that mid-level range in a fitness type skate – the RB XL from Rollerblade.

2017 Rollerblade RB XL Inline Skate Review by InlineskatesDOTcom
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One thought on “2017 Rollerblade RB XL Inline Skate Review by InlineskatesDOTcom

  • December 15, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    is there any kind of weight limit on these? when I was a kid I use to love rollerblading but eventually I reached a point where I couldnt find skates in my size. lately I have been thinking about how much I enjoyed it and I have put on quite a bit of weight over the years and thought maybe this would be good way of exercising if they made skates in my size.


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