What is up guys, my name is Dru and I am a product specialist with InlineSkates.com. Today I want to talk to you about the Rollerblade Metroblade skates. Now this will be an urban model that Rollerblade has available to us. This is the standard Metroblade model. As you can see we are looking at a double power strap system to really dial in your leg, keep it very secure inside the skate boot. Combined with a lace-up system. You have a composite frame, it’s going to be super durable and shock absorbant for you so this is going to allow you to actually go some distances and travel around with a larger 80mm supreme wheel. But at the same time it’s going to be more shock absorbant incase you want to hit some jumps or pull off some tricks. You have an extruded aluminum frame, this will be UFS compatible so you can switch it around if you want to. As well as an ILQ 7 twin cam bearing, give you a super smooth roll no matter where you go with these skates. I’m telling you, Rollerblade really has dialed it in. This is a model that can hit any kind of surface, any kind of conditions, and you’re going to to be perfectly fine. Again, Rollerblade Metroblade skates. Check ’em out on InlineSkates.com.

2017 Rollerblade Metroblade Inline Skate Overview by InlineSkatesDotCom
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