welcome back to the 53rd world livestock auctioneer championship as we head for the final turn let's talk about scoring a panel of five judges scored the interview competition the judging criteria for the interview our personal presentation clarity with which the individual expresses himself and knowledge of the livestock industry the interview accounts for 25% of the semi-final and final round scores a separate panel of five judges all LM a member action market operators will score the live portion of the event in the semifinal round the auctioneer sold eight drafts of cattle and were scored on clarity of chant their bid catching ability execution of sale and would you hire this auctioneer this is a live auction with real buyers in the seats and the live auction accounts for 75% of the semifinalist score with scores totaled we're headed for the home stretch as we make a move into the final round the top 10 auctioneers will sell an additional ten drafts of cattle let's check out the first five on the block first to go in the final round from Welch Oklahoma Justin Dodson that have been a 52 Gaea Donna 42 and higher now and who died three you how did I think that a bit of it to you 343 and higher little bit under 43 and a higher now anybody ever think that we have 444 not a 144 available now 44 we're headed for three and a half over where Adana 42 and higher now 44 seldom 143 and a high 143 and a half put them on number 109 on 16 109 on order 16 and right here 125 and of another video Montone even offended when she could've been a 720 72 and a nine and 29 our 330 331 would happen out to develop 1919 but not to get that way to fulfill is 2 to 2 now 3 a taken out 133 434 . abilify I got a 35 five now six to be 132 77077 ought to be and only 37 have a little bit of a 37 out of the nine and a nine 139 9:30 9:45 in under 42 the big on our 3900 a banana for 3939 47 $139 put them on number 220 on 66 to 20 on 6x we're gonna add a Jay roll mine Mount Washington Kentucky pick at their second in a minute 30 °c and 30 hundred another save in under a minute and 38 39 and then a minute hand voted out at a 45 449 40 hold on a minute hold on a bit high I wonder bundle minimum on high and forty mono mono minute one hundred and forty hundred million three hundred forty three hundred a middle finger a military friend on a minute-to-minute 802 13 hi have a forty hundred middle finger a minute folk a tomato voted upon by the modern upon high but abundant met upon come in for a motive under two McWhorter and a high 41 tournament in his head mounted amended of enter 25 and 45 min 5 min 5 min 5 min 5 so Decatur dollar 4475 51 put him on a number 1 6 1 1651 on a 116 way count time week he'll time Thank You 70 71 71 a little bundle minimal minimal moment annotated a minute aired on a minute in the photo bone to the moment about my find automative hundred sixty seventy synced in a minute eight hundred millisecond emptiness haven in a minute in under seventy seven seventy hundred millisecond MSM two minutes I'm gonna miss em some 76 now here's Brennan jack Prince Albert Saskatchewan I at 75 here diamond each attack at 49 75 50 vomited in 50 Han impaired I didn't put it up in it in here and 50 here to sold a 149 75 149 75 same way 51 – 116 Boyer putting some good cattle together sir same good cattle folks here we go I write a minute I'm gonna do here and I'm it 131 I am 31 minute and root and two minute and turn and three minute I'm forum forbidden 506 on here dime potato seven through nine and thirty eight at eight nine and nine forty here nine minute and forty one minute and who dumped it into two and three now 444 batted in here 5 here debited and 46 here at five and a half six at forty six six and a half at 46 ham potato salmon noon a minute and 47 half down here a minute and 48 at 48 humidity no have at 48 headquarter at 48 no quarter Tom Haverford I've added a 40 hits only 5 here debited and on I at 49 quarter at 49 Accord um have heard I've added a 975 added on here 250 honeymoon I've been dumped in a minute in 50 and 150 Hannam here I've added on who debated on hundred and fifty sold of 149 seventy next up on the auction block will Epperly from Dunlap Iowa 115 wanna come here enter them are monies upon gel at one point how wanted have how can I shoot a 1950 10 handling go to the three no two three no three no three call Mike if he's heard only 933 sure how to eat her nothing negative 3 on TV third of negative 3 so the candle down 52 and 53 hundred you want them on 33 300 on 33 here's another good kinda heifers I thirty five six hours on them so them good calves 35 come tone generally don't go to the dining $40 to whomp on the tail pipe only tease me I get hold on you don't have high 40 behind 690 don't to get on the tango Ken how do you hold high in 607 on here bottom ponies haven't ever done it in a high note yet another picture you know why I give them home in early 1993 I'll give you dowry I'll give you double negative 2153 515 point on negative or at 54 what do you mean no – hold on negative or 1500 on internet Edo video running down at the horn for 9 3 2 handling ready before sold one hundred and fifty three fifty two two two six next up Russell sleep from Bedford Iowa put it on how to late hundred seventy eight to the bit out here don't hammer down hammer to go down now 979 not how on out 80 that I don't irritate ear don't 1851 I know how I need 150 me to go down to 90 to go down 8150 I don't hear it on TV to get Ivana tuna TV to go down to Seoul of 81 51:21 on seven 121 on seven ah 1701 you can all go here boys house have it eat around here – hon Oh 7100 on TV – get down – get down – get a 2 down 3 to go down 70 fold unfold on time to go down 70 pound on 76 able to go down 77 a lot of figures 78 77 a high of a dollar seventy hated a bit on having to go down hammer on hammer to get down 79 on high I now know how 70 not have Haiti that I don't have it at 80 50 now wanted ad wanted to put it out here don't hit him on the whole I now – how did et – done having to go down having to go down 3 to go down to the day t2 and have to get handed it on here don't read it all in on down three I know how I know 83 I don't have another bound on 8383 don't have some 83 bucks on 207 follow the livestock marketing Association on Facebook Twitter and Instagram or by visiting LM a web com

2016 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship Finals (Part 1)

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