double straight transition another double straight transition into a double PI double straight transition really good into another double one into a tub filler there just step double straight transition back in full out transition into a one and a half there try a very big scale in the middle double straight buckled there full full straight and he's struggling there after the shake really powerful full full straight transition full twisting triple flight there to finish absolutely amazing thoughtful straight another old finishes there with a full eight tuck full twisting double straight another full twisting double straight and the triple tark absolutely brilliant fullfil straight transition double straight transition and a militant finish no surprise there it's 1 & 2 for China with produce of Russia in 3rd and Chris on his first par so probably go big here full full straight struggling a little bit full full tuck be very happy if you can finish in v total straight excellent transition there then he went for it so watch this for that straight double straight and a triple tart nicely done possibly go for broke this time to fooling straight double straight triple tuck this guy is definitely a medal contender fullfil straight building full twisting triple tuck well for his first pass here pulling straight double straight triple tuck double straight another double straight willful straight out of the landing area unfortunately there to clear your team pulling straight another philostrate really good triple tark absolutely landed perfect well easy you

2015 Male Tumbling World Championships Finals

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