Welcome back to our channel. My name is Evgenia and we keep watching figure skating. The first day of the Junior Grand Prix in the French city – Courchevel ended. And now we will talk about its results. If it’s the first time for you on this channel, please consider subscribing, so we could follow all the competitions together.
Today Today the ladies represented their short programs. According to According to the results of the short program Maiia Khromykh from Russia is on the first place, her score is 67.72 The second place is Seoyeong WI from Korea with 65.75 points and the third place is Kamila Valieva also from Russia with 62.31 points. According to the results of the standings, the gap between the participants is too small, and it is very difficult to guess who will win. Tomorrow there will be a free program for girls, where we will find out the winners and the top ten girls who will fight for getting into the Grand Prix Final. There were also men who represented their short program. The first place is Yuma Kagiyama from Japan with 80.61 points, the second is Matthew Nielsen from USA his score is 70.19 and the third place Aleksa Rakic from Canada with 69.54 points. Offensive touch of ice on 3A did not allow Egor Rukhin from Russia to take the third place, his lag behind Aleksa was only 1 point. In the top ten, the lag of other guys from each other other is very small. Yudong Chen from China and Denis Gurdzhi from Germany scored the same amount in total. We will see the men free programs on Saturday, 24th of August.
Tomorrow there will be ice dancing and ladies’ free programs. Write in the comments whose performance you like the most. Stay tuned, and see you in the next video. Bye, bye.

1ST DAY IN COURCHEVEL | ISU Junior Grand Prix 2019/20
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