and so what about the heads guys one
okay so guys we have all new series to wave one of Goodge its ooze and we have
the even ultra rare the Hydra that is so cool and plus in addition to the wave
one that came with a total of 6 plus Hydra makes seven we also have the new
two packs as well and new to the 2 pack series we’ve got bad acts oh he’s so bad
acts he’s so cool-looking I’m excited to open
him up and see what he looks like and well these other guys were familiar
with if you’ve seen the earlier in the first series waves 1 2 & 3 that cool
let’s go over all that so let’s get these two packs out of the way over here
let’s just take them one by one and okay so first off we have the ultra rare
Hydra he’s the new ultra rare in series 2 wave 1 now who is the ultra rare in
series 1 and there were three ways it was wave two and that was frostbite
lululu yeah he’s super cool but he only came out wave to so I assume they’re
gonna have more waves because they had a total of three ways in series 1 and so
they’ll have two more I assume waves to make a total of 3 waves and this maybe
they’re our only chance to get the ultra rare I’m not sure maybe they’ll have
ultra rares in wave 2 and wave 3 if they have them but in any case there we go
and let’s go over what was in series 1 wave 1 then we’ll go over a wave 2 and
wave 3 now some of these guys look familiar and if they do look familiar
like blazing on and pumpkin girl they’re from series 1 these other guys totally
new to series 2 let’s put them over to the side we’ll get to them later but
let’s do a little bit of analysis let’s go back in time in it okay guys here’s
the 6 that was in the first series wave one of goo Jitsu the very first of goo
juices that came out total of 6 here there’s pan taro okay and we just saw
him in series 2 wave 1 which is over here
he’s all-new he’s got a different fag going about him oh that’s so fashionable
pant ro you look cool and not only in here but he’s also in the 2-pack and
he’s gone gold on us so we have a total of three pon Taro’s here but let’s go
back and keep it simple here guys but what I was trying to say is that pant ro
he was in series 1 wave 1 and then also we’ve got blaze agon series 1 wave 1 now
we also have ladies gone in a 2 pack oh he’s the gold the special Gold Edition
here and you also have him in series 2 wave 1 and I’m trying to keep all this
together and then we got the big blaze super blaze ago so you have different
blazing guns three different ones and you have well four big blaze ago I mean
this guy’s super coal here let’s give a wissen whoo so man they really went
overboard with him that’s super cool and now you know where it’s coming from here
let’s put these guys back so there’s the first two in series one wave one and
pant arles the Panther and then blaze Gon’s the dragon against a Hari old the
lion and then you got wolf pain with his crunch attack and then we have ty gore
now Tigers kind of interesting because right here you can see he’s super
squishy very squishy but what’s interesting about Ty Gore is that he was
also in the two packs from the first series see tiger he’s here and he’s here
from the first series now why do I have two tigers because of two different
Tigers first of all here’s the original tiger okay but these two tigers they
glow in the dark so why do I have two tigers they both go in the dark but one
is what’s this one oh he’s squishy and this one he’s stretchy so you can see
right there we’re Tiger stretchy so if you push on
them oh it’s very hard but he stretches really well now remember he’s super
squishy and so is this Thai Gore you can see he’s super squishy right there
but this squishy glows in the dark this squishy doesn’t so that’s where Tiger
comes in and so Tiger super Cole of course he’s
Viper the reptile the snake here so there we go there series one and then we
have thrash the shark okay now he is super stretchy
now it’s rash the shark he was also in a two pack here that also glows in the
dark and that’s super cool and he’s battling Rock jaw oh and didn’t we just
see rock jaw in series two wave one in a two pack yes we did there he is he’s
back he’s sporting glasses he’s cooler so if your head spinning right now
you’re like how do we keep track of all this way you can pause and always rewind
it right in any case so cool so there’s rock jaw he glows in the dark
and here’s thrash he glows in the dark and this one he doesn’t glow in the dark
case so that is all and then don’t forget this was series one but and also
you know series one the two packs where they came from wave 1 wave to wave 3 not
quite sure now on to series 1 wave 2 so guys here’s series 1 wave 2 and there’s
six plus the ultra rare frostbite is seven so we’ve got silverback the big
gorilla then we have Scorpius scorpion anything you got Sahari oh the lion then
we got Simeon the monkey then we got bent arrow the Panther and we got blaze
agon the dragon now you’re probably asking yourself wait a second some of
these were already in wave one a series one why put them again in wave two well
have you ever gone to the storm shopping you’re like man they got tons of blaze
and cons there because they keep shipping them pretty much in every wave
it’s probably a pretty popular one and the goos if you watched our other video
the Orbeez that are in there squishing him super cool so this one is very fun
to play with as decides to maybe pan taro you can’t really see what’s inside
of them even the treat that’s inside of them you can squish around but it’s
really hard you’ll have to watch our other video where we cut open them to
actually see the tree that we found inside of them otherwise you’re feeling
blind these two this because it’s not transparent like you can see over here
with blaze gone so there’s a super ultra rare frostbite the big Yeti guy so these
three Sahari oh pan taro and blaze gone the same guys from series one wave once
an hour they’re also here in wave 2 so let’s put those guys down so what was
new to the second wave is silverback Scorpius and Semien and then you got
frost ultra rare hard-to-find supercooled
celebrity to out of the way of series one let’s
take a look at wave three in series one so guys now we finished the finalist
series one with four with all three with wave three and how many do we have we
have blaze gamma dragging there’s one two three four five six seven eight a
total of eight so blaze gone the Dragons to me the monkey and then knew to wave
three is grap lock the octopus and then we have Sahari oh he’s back hey good to
see you again the lion and then new we have in wave 3 is brawler the bear da
svidaniya it’s the Russian welcome to all Russian friends and then we’ve got
wolf Payne crunch attack and then we got pond taro and then werewolf pain he was
in wave 1 he skipped wave 2 and came back in wave 3 limp and taro and then
new to wave 3 is man tour so man tour the Mantis total of all these guys put
him down that we’ve seen before gosh got a lot of repeats here while
swimming the monkey was from wave 2 so he came back to join us from wave 2 he
came back from the dead from wave 1 to join us in wave 3 so these three guys
right here they’re the running gag through the
entire series they’re in always blaze gone pent are on Sahabi oh so put those
guys down from wave 2 well he was in wave wand again coming
back to wave 3 and totally new to wave 3 three amigos way three mentor brawler
grap lock good thanks for coming guys now we’re up to speed
ok guys so we’re back now to series 2 wave 1 everything you see here so we
have Gigot us the elephant and then we got pan taro the Panther blaze gone the
dragon then you have totally new looking Reptar I called the reptile but they
call him the frill neck so he’s got frills on his neck I’m he’s going to a
fashion parade ball or something and then you got red back he’s a spider and
you can see the little webs that he’s kind of shooting out it we’ll see how
that looks and then of course you got thrashed the shark and then you got the
coolest one out of all of them the super rare which is Hydra and
the serpent maybe the sea serpent as it were and then like I said you got him
here you got blazing on the golden then you
have rock jaw he’s sporting new glasses it looks cool so it’s rock jaw versus
blaze gone so rock jaws evil blaze guns could and speaking of which out of all
these guys right here there’s only one evil dude and that’s the spider the
read-back everybody else is good and we’ll show you that by the patches that
are displayed on their shorts usually on their shorts and then now in the other
two pack you’ve got Bad Axe versus the Golden Pen taro and Bad Axe is the evil
dude so out of all these got a total of three evil dudes you have bad acts he’s
evil you have the spider he’s evil and then
of course Raja he’s back sporting some new duds and he’s evil – so let’s go
ahead and open them up go through each one of them okay guys first of all I’m
gonna start with thrash the shark and you can see he is down here I’m super
squishy and then look down below here you can see we got the water attack
which is new their heads actually squirt water I don’t know if you can see it but
let’s see he’s got a little hole right here so you can fill up the head with
water and squirt it we’re gonna do that that’s gonna be super cool and then you
can see on the back so on the back you can see you’ve got unique view feelings
nothing more than you feelings so we got good feelings here they have different
feelings inside of them gooey stuff and then you can see up at the top you’ve
got a total of three steps you take off the head oh you take off the head of
thrash you put them in water and you squeeze it suck up the water and you can
squirt them out so on the back there you can see you got a total one two three
four five six seven including the ultra rare Hydra all of them listed there cool
now thrash a little bit of background on him as that always after a bite of the
action thrash dies into every battle headfirst wiping out his opponents with
his Trident strike so that’s different than the thrash we saw before right guys
see his fist is down in series two his fist is up more power to the thrash in
series one and then you can see he’s got his Trident strike that’s pretty cool
you can actually see he’s got bubbles in them or something we’re gonna open that
up and take a look at it so let’s go ahead and open him the easiest way I
find to open them is just to take of the top part Ben debt
until you can get to the plastic part and then just tear it off move like and
like all you jutsus they can’t stand up for themselves you know but they’re
wobbling they’re cool and oh man and look at those little beads in them
you see those beads look at that oh here I’ll try to see if we can get some more
beads in there you see those beads okay oh they feel kind of bumpy white bumpy
beads maybe he has a virus what’s called the Biddy virus and you can see the
patch on him that one with the paw that means he’s a good guy I’ll show you who
the bad guy he is later on and then you got the Trident and then on the back of
his head you can see what’s inside of him if you want to read what’s inside of
him there it says all-new material content Jill polystyrene foam beads
oh well that’s fancy foam beads so it’s foamy inside guys now in series one all
the series one wave one two and three they always had a treat which gave them
the goop powder right should we take a look oh look at that
you turn them upside down and all the foam beads go to his feet sees you see
that it’s like one of those little things like little snow globes let me
shake them around and then all sudden everything goes to the top so the snow
beads all float up and then now the snow beads all go to his feet and you know
what I don’t see anything in here I don’t know if they actually put any
Treat in here I can’t see it I’ll have to like play with it for a minute to see
if there’s any treats I think they did away with treats oh how horrible where
did they get their goop har if they don’t have a treatment side of them I
don’t see any treats oh look you can actually take off his duds Hey
his duds he just lost half his goo power okay so here we go now we can really see
things oh you see all the beads how they’re just floating up up at the top
here can you see that you know what and I can’t see any treats so guys I don’t
see any treat inside of them and here the treats all the treats we got from
from all of the jiu-jitsu in series one wave one two and three so
go ahead and watch our videos I don’t cotton-candy treat ice cream cone oh
there goes the coke bottle oh and then from the ultra-rare the frostbite Yeti
we’ve had our little popsicle go ahead and watch that video it’s super fun but
I don’t see any treats in them at all you know what maybe they did it with
away with the treat for one reason and one reason only
and that’s because in replace of the treat his head came off because now you
got a squirter so you know you stretch on you can actually here see if we can
get this out so look at all those foam beads so you want to be careful with
this guys you know like in series 1 people reporting you plate that too much
and stretch it oh this seems a little thicker I don’t think it’s gonna break
as easy this feels thicker in series 1 you can only get like 3,000 miles 200
poles before you broke well this one it seems thicker you might get about double
or triple that so cool ok ready for the squirt here we go so you squeeze the
head you put them in the water and you suck okay
should we see Wow let’s try it again camera to you that’s quite the shooter
so you see how far it goes let’s see let’s see if I can get Jacob whoa oh I
got Caleb that actually shot out at least 7 to 8 feet that was huge
that’s awesome take a whiz in everybody that’s some goo squirt power ok well we
better put this back on he’s kind of feeling naked and without his head I
mean where would he be come on and you could place dress up
come on boys and girls we’re gonna dress him up this is how you get dressed in
the morning before you go to school put one arm in you put your left forearm out
then you shake them all about that’s what it’s all about
oh he’s tough guy ok wow that’s cool it was pretty quick so
here we go he put his head on and then he’s like oh he’s got a squirt of text
you guys can have squirt attacks with your other dudes
he hissed out well it’s natural for him to squirt water because he is an under
the sea that’s where he want to be man it gets wetter downwards better that’s
where it’s water down wets hotter reverse all that play backwards he’ll
sound in the right position okay so mom told me that we got to change it up not
use like the same words like cool so bodacious look at that he’s doing the
shuffle you can have water races JJ come here take his head ladies and gentlemen
we have a special guest yes Jacob he’s gonna squirt mom whoa easy with that
buddy where’s my head where’s my head where’s my head quick stop the recording
get this out this is not so not professional now great now Jacob just
make it look like I watered my pants we’ve got to keep it G guys you can’t
say pee your pants cuz that would be rated peih-gee
now everybody knows on YouTube that I can’t hold it I got it go okay guys my
chairs wet thanks to Jacob I got my towel still looks majorly wet well I
think that’s just gonna I think that just absorbed everything you trench that
dad’s mom’s this is dangerous for kids they can get you wet great for summer or
even the bathtub oh I hope that doesn’t come true
let’s do pan Tyrell the panther in series 2 they all have the water blast
here so that’s super cold and he is super scrunchies not just crunchy is
scratchy it’s like one of those scrunchies you know that the girls
putting their hair scrunchie of course I don’t know if you want to put him in
your hair maybe you can wrap around and tie it into a knot and hat Penn Tower
hanging on the back of your head as a scrunchie so then on the back with the
sort of stealth pan Tyrell strikes before his enemy knows what’s hit them
then he disappears back into the shadows new shadows awesome and you can see also
up at the top you just pull off his head dip it in water squirt same thing let’s
go ahead and just pull them out scrunchie now what makes him school is
those things what are those things so what makes them scrunchie I mean you can
see through him he’s pretty transparent but what is it hold you mouth
oh look at that it looks like stars I bet those are throwing stars or ninja
stars somebody threw him of a body full of
ninja stars he’s got them all in him I mean of course I’m not sharp if they
were it would pop him and like thrash I’m not seeing any treats inside of them
so let’s stretch them three times his size whoa and they all look like stars
no wait wait there might be something to are the other stars they’re all stars
he’s an all-star yay and then he’s got his sword remember
this is new to series two as opposed to our regular pan taro which he had a
treat inside of him you watch the other video he feels good he feels thick he
feels just like his brother they feel thick and so it may be harder to break
them so I think the Moose did a great job and making these thicker so you’ll
get more mileage out of him so it’s cool he’s got his little sword strike like
this awesome so here we go before we turn him over you can see on the back of
his head his ingredients are all new material content gel synthetic rubber
pellets okay rubber pellets but they’re made of
ninja stars what makes him super cool so guys that’s just therapeutic to
squeezing him and then pulling him then stretching him and then making him bulge
I mean that’s super awesome now if we just pull off his head
and we squeeze in the water you know we ought to have a water fight just to see
who wins who can have the most power here whoa I got on the camera okay lean
up to the camera bring up to the camera we never clean up on the camera thank
you camera mom oh okay so cool he shoots really well
and of course you can just you know pick him up in here and just squirt him like
this power to open let’s do he’s doing both let’s have us just have a shootout
and now we’re not enemies but you’re in the wrong part of the table town on the
count of three turn around and squirt one two three
Oh looks like they both missed I’ll fill up okay ready one two you can have so
much fun with these little squirt of text that’s cool and then have water
slides we owe this head came off if you go down the slide you lose your head you
lose the entire game here okay let’s do him okay we got please two gone and he
is he’s super groovy gooey groovy man and then on the back you can read blaze
had gone a little the history about him where it says ready to erupt blaze gun
uses his blade of fire to blaze his way to victory his burning ambition is to
lead and conquer well that’s awesome his blade of fire and actually guys you
can see right there let me open him up because they got little an imprint of
like a flame going up that is cool love it so let’s go ahead and open him
up where’s he gone he’s awesome I mean I love his can we actually remove his like
oh we could have like we can do dress ups
look at this we could take it off and they can switch outfits hey hey you know
I’ve been wearing this to school every day I need a new outfit let’s see if it
actually works girls it’s it’s fun for everybody of all
ages yeah smells a little bit like rubber cement just a little bit not too
much Wow interchangeable outfits totally
tubular like my girlfriend said we can change his outfits I said no you can’t I
like I totally don’t believe you and look she made a believer out of me
totally so Wow of course it doesn’t fit him too well oh man I’m just having
company dress Emma hey what do you think you look alright
they’re interchangeable outfit it’s let’s go have a tea party we can
change outfits okay Wow and then just and these are built so good it’s easy to
take a look he’s got his tail awesome so he’s super gooey so look you see a flame
there’s a flame on both sides this side I don’t know if you can see it maybe
here let’s see if we can like bulge the flame no I was probably not gonna help
but oh that is so cool look at the glitter that’s cool he’s got oh what’s
on the back was this he on the back and you can see right there on the back
what’s inside of them so I see glitter and it’s all new material content gel
plastic film so that’s what it is it is it’s just it’s like glitter dots oh yeah
this is so cool the glitter of glitter dots look at that that totally is cool
with the fire they did good I love the inside feelings but you know what I
don’t see anywhere treats I don’t think they have treats in these guys guys I
think they swapped the treats out for something as an upgrade by swapping
something out that maybe not a lot of people could actually open it and would
want to open to cup to get the treat cuz then you ruin the toy maybe after you’re
done playing with the toy a lot of times and you’re stretching everything and it
breaks open then you can get the treat but even so you have to squeeze to find
the treat which made it really fun kind of like a treasure X thing you know
you’re looking digging for gold now you’re squeezing for a treat so awesome
let’s go ahead and go for the squirt power Hey
putting the comment below how fast you think I’d get his outfit on oh that took
he can change he’s like Superman is find a phone booth or use my fingers oh that
was fast so what you do is you just squeeze his legs and then push them
through the top and then quickly guys you could have races with changing
outfits I mean people may look at you kind of weird cars outfit on let’s do
the squirt thing look at it his head’s more elongated so I wonder if I get a
better farther shot with him okay oh that was a lot Wow I actually hit the ceiling and he had
left to spare that’s cool guys I love our new blaze Egon these comedies packed
the attitude that this is my favorite I love the glitter dots I could just I’m
he’s so therapeutic oh and then the squeeze him in between his stuff oh he’s
popping out of his suit actually looked kind of cool and you
do it from the back look it’s out the back of this armor there is gold armor
guys I like the new and improved blazer gone he looks super cool Oh guys is a
quick recap he’s got a paw so he’s a good guy he’s got a paw he’s a good guy
and the paws right they don’t know if you can see that just right on his chest
so he’s a good guy we’ll save her evil dude for last I
think let’s go to who should we do next Giga tusk or our repped or the frilly
neck on us to him no he’s got Penta loons on what if you could change
pantaloons that’ll be interesting okay so there’s Reptar the freely Mac and you
can see he’s super stretchy and then you can see on the back ripped are you read
a little bit about him beware the claw that spins like a saw beware the claw
spins like a saw this cold-blooded hero is always buzzing
for some bare fisted action how can you be a hero and be cold-blooded oh because
he’s a reptile he’s naturally cold-blooded he’s freely neck awesome
let’s go ahead and open them up super stretchy so you know what that oh look
at that he looks cool super stretchy yeah he’s
kind of like the monkey wait a second we had a rating system because in series 1
he was hard to stretch he was the toughest one to stretch the monkey was
that easier and grap lock the octopus he was the easiest now so on a scale of 1
to 3 of being stretchy he’s not as stretchy as grab lock he’s a little bit
tougher than simian but not as tough as season 1 thrash I would say wow he’s
just after trash that’s cool oh he’s he’s got his saw blade hand there Oh be
careful not sharp guys maybe not but it’s kind of fun to play with I mean
that’s cool so I like him let’s see if we can get a good shot here ah let’s see
if we can get behind him and that looks cool I’d like be night I’d like 3 night
again hey guys it’s Caleb and Jacob so you know what I see something that
may come off do we dare take off his shorts
I mean hey you know it’s like Mickey Mouse he just wear shorts and so I need
a case Oh should we can’t somebody oh it might go well with our trash let’s see
if we can pawned him on so Reptar has a pod he’s a good guy so
look we have a pod down here in a pot up here I’m think and they go together so
you know it’s been bearish you go to school without pants put one foot in
front of the other soon you’ll be getting on your shorts oh look at that
guys whoo super cool what do you think look he’s got double paws that means
he’s got double goodness in a double goop our double good GG wow that’s cool
a thumbs up most you guys did awesome on these that the fact that you let us like
play dress-up dolls oh yeah he’s got to pause there thanks Caleb double pause
he’s double good now he put shorts on him he had three paws oh man that’d be
good triple G without his pants he’s not a good person he’s indifferent I mean
everybody’s gotta have pants there you go so his tail comes out the
back end there there we go that makes sense okay let’s pull off his head now
no we don’t we got to see how they all squirt here we go that’s cool now I’m
gonna do it over to camera two but I don’t want to get the lands okay this is get messy what’d you say to
me what’d you say to me Oh mom not camera mom mom’s gonna cut us off she’s gonna stop
the cam over some trouble okay guys here ah look red white and blue it’s the
color that I pay for the red white and goo look guys you can have more fun okay
when I say green light you can come forward green light right you might like
oh you have to go back now okay green light I’m light green light
Oh Jacob wins oh I feel I’m cracking yeah what’s inside of him anyways you
just got these little like glistening dots those are cool I love them that’s
cool yeah and the colors they look they’re
very vibrant I love it okay guys we got to do Giga
tossed digger post and who is him he’s super crunchy knots crunchy like an tato
he was scrunchie so he’s super crunchy now Giga test he’s totally and
completely new well so his rep tour and then on the back Giga tusks yeah it
tells you a little bit about him it says with his fists of Steel Giga toughs can
hammer any barrier he nails his enemies into the ground with his hard-hitting
moves and look at that hammer whoa stop it’s hammer time yeah we’re gonna take a
look Giga toss Gigot us now look at this guy and he’s crunchy Wow Wow that’s cool let’s take a look inside
guys those balls look at that one oh my gosh this is food yeah he eats he eats
rocks yeah well you got hit by him that would be hard
ow okay so here you guys stretch him hold one hand pull the other not too
hard I love this test Owen look at his little water hole right there that’s
pretty cool so let’s read what’s on the back so on the back you can see that it
says all-new material content gel plastic pellets they don’t feel too
jelly to me you can just hear him crunching oh look he’s a good guy on his
shorts he’s got that PAH and in fact Kade was just telling me the black belt
actually comes off now giga test is a black belt okay oh you want to take off
his pants yeah can you put the black belt on pant ro okay you take off his
pants you can I like how you can take off and
interchange their outfits that is so awesome you know this is just all part
of the fun people it’s just mixing and matching pants
colors what do you think yay so we have their heads at squirt
shoulders with their duds and then the own I gotta pull his pants and then we
have their knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes
so who’s you gonna pull off his head squeezing okay okay yeah let’s make sure
we get everything out Jacob got me again we’re not gonna let
him do it a third time no Jacob water stays on the table not in my lap say yes
into the mic all right no excuses water stays in the bowl on the table uh yeah
he’s only dunked me twice hey I’m down to my last shirt and it’s Batman nobody
gets my Batman shirt wet but Batman goes with bad acts it was all Quinn said oh
it’s cosmic okay so what we were trying to do here I’m bringing the water Jake
and I’m holding down the bowl get them in their gate now can you squirt it
somewhere that on a water fountain scale this was like horrendous how about okay
Kayla you want to try it okay here now don’t get me wet I got to hold it down
oh no actually that what that one shot out pretty well that this one actually
has more of a fan spray hey if any you guys are fans out there I got spray for
you okay I’m holding the bulb pod okay don’t get mama wet okay oh look I won’t
be able to finish this video could you keep getting me wet you can’t get mom
wait you guys are the only ones not getting wax mom and I are you only ones
getting wet at least mom gets sprinkles daddy gets dawn I get dumped on all this
water is making me thirsty a sense of thirsty we take these to a whole new
level okay guys who’s home what are you doing with my head what are
during my body like red goes with green and green goes with red whoo yeah
they’re interchangeable I think let’s just make sure you can get his head on
actually yeah that’s that’s pretty cool and now you don’t know who’s who
although he looks pretty cool frill neck has now got a fun body that’s cool okay
I’m getting confused no the hammer was Giga tusk so give me
Giga tusk his head we’re gonna confuse everybody he’s watching the videos okay
fix this fix this fix this so guys you can change your head you can
change the outfits I mean it’s like capsule chicks
you can rebuild everything okay there’s a towel down on the floor Wow guys we
were fighting so many fun cool things to do with these dudes we’re taking toys
out of the box and we’re thinking outside the box
it’s okay okay so who’s next Oh red back dude now all these guys have paws yes as
a paw he has a paw he has a paw he has a paw
he has paw paw patrol Dr Haass patrol and he doesn’t have a paw so read back
and you can see up here he they’re trying to display a spider web so he is
a spider and guess what he is super goofy golly shows I am haze goofy
surprise surprise surprise he’s super goofy and so if we look on the back red
back there’s no history about him we’ll go ahead and read that a master of
entrapment read back strikes quickly with this banging like claws if you can
escape his web of steel once they fall into it whoo that’s kind of creepy and
let’s just turn him out okay guys let’s take a look at read back okay now he’s
super goopy what makes him so goopy should we like to a squeeze here oh he’s
got spider webs that is awesome you see the spider webs in him
you see that on camera oh there we go that is awesome that’s a
steel web guys moves to 2 per tool I mean super cool super cool oh that is so
cool-looking little spider webs spider web spied web does whatever a red
backhand yeah let me see if I can get these what let me see if I can feel on
oh yeah guys this is gonna be super cool to open because I really wanna I can’t
feel the webs I don’t know what the webs are made of oh well this look at the
back of his head ok um and we didn’t even inspect his eyes he’s got a total
for eyes and his spider and then he’s got I guess that’s his web shooter I
mean there’s his like spider cause this is his web shooter he’s got ok so look
at that that’s not a paw he’s got a different insignia here as all evil
dudes do so let’s see what’s in let’s see what’s on him by looking on the back
it says ok all new material has all of them say contents gel synthetic rubber
Wow gel synthetic rubber this this is so
universal you know why because not only is he spider-man but let me show you
something and we still haven’t found a treat have we guys you know what this
could double as Christmas time snowflakes and he’s got the red so
there’s hohoho no and his pantaloons come off and look you don’t have many in
there yeah that is cool I love that I’m just gonna try one more time because I
want to see if I can actually grab one these two feel it guys you have got to
watch the revealed when we cut open these so we can actually feel the
texture of what’s inside of them now guys you don’t recommend you’re doing
this at all and I’ll be doing it forever gloves and glasses because if you
watched our other video but that is not gonna fit you’re not gonna fit that on
you get that off bud that only fits on your big toe yeah I won’t be able to
pull it up you like he’ll be talking like this I can actually feel them it
feels weird oh yeah it feels pretty cool here yeah it feels cool you guys got to watch the
video on reveals cuz all the stuff that we’re gonna see
it’s gonna be super cool we really enjoyed the first video and for those
who were schema SH like one of the comments says he goes it was hard but
it’s very satisfying or something like that hard to watch yeah you know it’s
cool to see what’s in the toys what makes up a toy and that’s all we’re
looking at we don’t like destroying toys but hey better that one of us does it to
open up see what the toys are made of kind of scientific you know just like
treasure X you know what’s inside of them and one of us so everybody can see
then everybody else cutting destroying toys and stuff I mean it’s we just think
of it that way you know so now pan taro that would look good on him wouldn’t it
oh yeah yeah once you put on now you got the evil dudes insignia on his pants
once you put them on him so he’s got his good singing the pot and he’s got his
evil insignia so he’s just neutral so when people are beating each other up
they’re fighting back he’s like he just snapped his fingers yo man I’m just
neutral you know I’m just hanging here I don’t I’m not good or bad but you take
off the bad pants hey okay and that’s cool he’s got his little ribs here and
we haven’t sprayed him he’s got a cool looking head I really love his head the
way it’s looking I mean he’s my favorite now if you guys want to know they
usually come in case these cells in cases there’s like eight so you’ll get
two of these you’ll find two of these and two of those and then I think all
the rest so one two three four five six seven eight yeah so these guys right
here are gonna be I would say your rares and then of course your ultra rare which
you’ll find maybe every three or four cases that’s gonna be tough and of
course they don’t have the case on the shelves you guys won’t see that’s just
part of the I guess the shipping boxes that we have okay so we got to do the
water squirt thing I will pull the bowl over here it’s days turn tucked squirt
okay whoo not too bad kind of wimpy let me try it again it wasn’t a bad squirt oh wow it’s not
bad like that can you try one skate let me hold the bowl so mean
but I don’t want to get soaked again that’s three times three times just to
any we’re having too much fun you buying stuff for your kids this is super cool
mom and dad you’ll like this and you’ll have fun with your kids it’s a great
family toy Jacob you almost spilled the spilled it on me again if Jacob gets me
a third time I would be known as Hydra because three is the charm right so so
far guys we have not found any treats inside of them so again I think they
just swapped out squirting head for the treat which i think is a great swap out
now we’ve got hydra ultra rare and you can see he’s super stretchy hydra of the
sea what’s the best tuna serpent of the sea the three-headed serpent monster I’m
using so many references they’ll never know you can see right there he’s ultra
rare they got the water blasts three times stretchy this is super cool this
is a great step up with frostbite I mean I like Hydra awesome and you in fact you
can see on the back a little bit of history about hydra hydra outsmarts his
opponent every time if you can withstand an aqua attack from this dragon of the
deep oh it’s a dragon of the deep you think it’s like the Loch Ness monster
the Hydra of the deep so yeah this Jacob scene you can see in the back you can
actually pull off his head but can you pull off how many heads can pull off
let’s take a look at the back it shows here in the picture you can pull off two
of the heads and interchange them but who says you can pull off all three now
that would be interesting mom says all three put in the comments down below
before we open it up if you guys think all three heads squirt as well as
popping them off and then we’re cheating aren’t we guys hold on okay guys before
you reveal us put in the comments down below if you think all three head swap
and if all three head squirt water or if true the heads or just one of the head
as soon as I open this the resale value of this is gonna drop what we already
got a wet maybe we can get it for half here we go Hydra
Oh Oh stop taking off his head we gotta show me when you hold on to hold on at
least one okay guys here we go so there’s hydra dragon of the deep he’s
got purple shorts on now he’s he good or bad let’s take a look at the insignia is
there a paw or some other scent insignia it’s a paw so he’s on paw Patrol he’s
gonna be super cool look at that his head it turns any turns where’d you have
lunch day all right had something I ain’t gonna
share with you ha ha too bad we all go to the same body so it has to be shared
except your taste buds now before we go any further let’s just take him oh he
stretches really good look at that Oh Poland guys so guys um look at this so
on the back he’s got his tail he’s got purple Schwartz on as you can see I mean
this guy’s just like really cool I wish he glowed in the dark that he doesn’t
get you catch a showing here ah look at that that is awesome guys okay and you
can see on the back of his head that’s where I’m gonna read what’s his
ingredients its riboflavin dextrose sugar and msg
no all new material gel plastic film it feels good I like it feels really good
and so what about the heads guys one okay can you suck water on him okay
Jacob thank you okay it was pandemonium this camera’s totally wet thank you okay awesome guys hey you know what you can
share with your friends you got three of you you can each paw off a head and just
go to town squirt each other that is cool and they just swap right easily
swab you can do show-and-tell you can take this to school and if they don’t
know anything about it you can load it with water
your teacher no because you really can’t see anything
oh look you can actually see the water in his head can you see it moving and
you can go ahead and go hey kids guess what I got Chantal Chantal Chantal
that’s all pandemonium show-and-tell and his shorts so he has a tail and he’s the
dragon of the deep a Hydra and there’s your blades gone dragon and then you’ve
got your Reptar he’s frill neck you know dragon Komodo dragons some sort of like
dragon so those only three they have tails right yes so I wouldn’t tell the
tale here’s your tail oh you didn’t like it when I pull his tail it hurts so hey
you know you can take off his shorts he’s a good guy
can go along I mean was it go on him anyways we’ve already played that that’s
awesome okay guys we ready to go on to our two packs so let’s do this one first
kay smile smiles welcome to Fantasy Island okay guys we’re now doing the two
packs the first of all we’re gonna do Rock jaw versus golden blaze gun and not
just any rock jaw he’s exclusive Rock jaw so there’s the exclusive part now
with rockjaw we seen him before and he was in series 1 and there he is right
there there’s rock jaw now this rock jock glowed in the dark and he was super
crunchy this one is super where is he squishy whoo that’d be fun to compare
between the two and plus you know what this rock choice porting of fabulous
dark vest and sunglasses I wear my sunglasses at night he’s pretty cool
with his sunglasses and then we got golden blaze are gone and he’s super
Susie and then golden blaze gone has a water blast but Raja apparently doesn’t
I mean it doesn’t show it here in fact if you look over on the back that
there’s only a picture for the golden blaze it gone we can pull off his head
suck up water and squirt it or Rock jaw you don’t see anything of the such I
mean we’ll take a look but from what I can see there’s no hole in his mouth so
I don’t think we can use him to squirt water so he doesn’t have the water blast
attack and then you can also see over here the other pack that we’re going to
open up is Golden Pen taro versus bad axe and then
just below that we’ve got a little description between the two of a little
history actually of golden blaze GaN versus exclusive Raksha and for rockjaw
it says he’s always hangry okay so he took the anger with the hunger and we
slapped it together and he’s hangry so whenever you’re hungry you usually get a
little bit irritable angry so he’s hangry so he kind of keep this guy fed
what do you feed him well we’ll take a look and see what’s inside of him here
so always hangry Rock Chalk can snap at any time he likes getting his teeth into
a meaty brawl and bite off more than he can chew
this guy never leaves a fight without being satisfied what is he fighting for
the buffet at Chuckie Rama I mean he’s getting like get out of my way
he’s downing all the chicken and then we got golden blaze gone Rach were up to
molten gold that sounds cool blaze gone uses his blade of fire to blaze his way
to victory his burning ambition is to lead and conquer awesome so let’s go
ahead and open them up okay this there we go just had to get it over here
there we go 1 & 2 exclusive Racha golden blaze the gun let’s go through golden
blaze gone first oh and he’s got a removable vest so ikki she is fire and
there’s this fire arm right there you I don’t know if he can see it but let’s
see if we can squeeze something up in there uh-huh
it’s not going up into his his like weapon there maybe you guys might have
better luck meet God but that’s cool looking though wow look at that gold
it’s got whoa look it might be synthetic clay if I remember my series one
correctly cuz otherwise that looks kind of like maybe paint it’s glittery paint
it’s so pretty wow that’s pretty cool he feels nice and
gushy look at that he’s getting like angry don’t don’t don’t don’t throw him
he’s a good guy obviously he’s got his paws and you can remove his vest totally
cool like we already went over and put him on somebody else even on the other
blaze agon and remove their best so gold on gold and red on red I mean that could
be pretty cool he’s got his tail and like I said there’s just no tree inside
of him he’s got no treat that’s cool so on the back you can see
the ingredients as it were this just says jail okay so apparently his head
comes off and we can squirt I mean how many times have we done this I’ll do a
side shot we woah that was seven eight feet out there they did awesome
moose you guys did awesome on the the squirting and the trajectory of his
water blast I think that’s cool now let’s go over to the exclusive
rockjaw okay first of all you can see his evil insignia there so he’s an evil
dude he doesn’t have paws and then let’s see he’s got his sunglasses he’s got his
cutter arm so he’s got something inside of him
in fact I’m just gonna read real quick what’s on the back of his head before
squeeze him cuz I’m curious to see before I squeeze him what he’s got there
and it’s gel beads Hornby’s hey we got some dark Orbeez that’s purple oh look
at that that is super cool we gotta get a
flashlight behind that one oh that’s purple beads that bad that looks super
cool I like rock Jah he’s awesome he looks like a frog ribbit ribbit rubber
rubber and you know what I don’t see a hole I don’t think he can remove his
head well I don’t dare try it’s like pulling it pulling it break something
mom his head doesn’t pop no his head doesn’t pop off so does that mean he
can’t squirt his head doesn’t come off so does that mean there’s a treat what
if there was oh my goodness I can sit here and squeeze it around see if there
is one I could pull off this vest let’s do that real quick oh man it feels
cool too I love the Orbeez inside that’s oh wait no that couldn’t been so tricky
cuz of lighting it changes it to it almost like a red depending up on the
light versus purple I’m guessing that they didn’t put any treats inside of him
so he’s just come as you are to be a star nothing outside of no water blast
that’s just for the good guys here for the most part except for our friendly
red back the spider and he does feel a little bit thicker I will say that these
all of them so far just our thick skin really thick really thick these guys are
really thick skin so I think it’ll be a while before you actually accidentally
break through them so cool and maybe that’s why it cost a little bit more
like a buck buck fifty more and that’s okay cuz you’re getting more out of the
toy I’m all for that awesome so here we go
exclusive Racha and golden blaze are gone okay finally our Golden Pond taro
and her bad acts Oh guys I was waiting for us just to get this set up I noticed
looking over here at Hydra you know he stands by himself but also at the back
you can tell which one of his heads isn’t right on he’s got different heads
yeah I didn’t notice that so if you look at the top of his heads two of them have
like reindeer horns and one of them doesn’t and then so I assume this one’s
gonna be in the middle and these two on the sides and the reason why I mean
besides you got two that don’t go together and they have two reindeer
horns in this one so that I didn’t notice that ty was just looking up at
the side waiting for camera mom and us in the setup and she does so awesome
thumbs up everybody put thumbs up for camera mom yeah but if you look at the
back of their necks you see that how that part of the bone protrudes out
that’s the see to his c7s down here for those of you who are into the neck
vertebrae here the bones so you’ll see that one protrudes right and that one’s
an idiot ones an Audi so if you take them off and you switch them around they
line up perfectly don’t they and that lines up perfectly and now you
can tell you can just get your heads on straight with a Hydra that the ones that
have the two reindeer horns here and the one that doesn’t he’s the center of the
two ones that have the reindeer horn so you can you know anyways that’s I just
have an EDD moment love you dad you can’t spell EDD or adat hey we’re having
an ad dad moment okay guys now let’s just finish up with the two packs here
the last ones we have which is Bad Axe versus Golden Pen taro and you can see
that bad acts he’s exclusive because he only comes in the 2-pack word pan taro
yeah he is exclusive if you want the different color of the golden
because otherwise you know you got him here too so in any case it’s the bad ex
he’s exclusive just like rockjaw exclusive to the 2-pack you can only
find him in the 2-pack well you can find him in the series one but not with the
change of duds here and so you can see that Bad Axe is super mushy and then
golden pan taro he’s also super easy just like our golden blaze Egon and then
also from the 2-pack it looks like we only get one the hero that actually gets
the water blast attack in fact you can see over on the other side that they
only have pictures for golden pan taro who can do the water blasts and then you
can see a course over here we’ve got golden blaze gun versus rock jaw and
then down below we got a little bit of history let’s go through that for first
of all our bad acts bad acts uses the cover of darkness to launch a strike
from above with his winged weapon he slices through the air like a missile
when the battle is done he disappears before dawn he’s got to go back to his
Batcave bat axe bat axe bat axe and then versus golden pan taro so with the sword
of stealth this mysterious golden hunter strikes before his enemy knows what hit
them and instantly disappears back into the
shadows mission accomplished so back to the shadows back before dawn
they’re both fleeing into the night as it were let’s go ahead and open them up
quote from the side here it’s a little bit easier let’s do our super easy
golden Pentaho so there he’s got his little weapon there now let’s see what’s
in them he’s super easy way out I have the same content so you can see in the
back of his head so we’ll just read that really quick content gel so here we go
let’s give him a squeeze oh just like blaze a gun golden blaze gun that’s
pretty cool I like it it looks super shinny you know what I bet everybody in
their offices out there this will do two things
it’ll poses the decoration next to your computer desk you know hey yeah what’s
this and you know whatever and they give you muck well he squirts water we’ll go
over that just a minute just pick it up to squirt of malleability so yeah I mean
just do that during your work days is like oh you know pass around the cube
throat the next person you know and he’s got his black belt comes off too and
well let’s go ahead and pull his head off and you
see he’s got his hole right there he’s got a cool looking mask I love his
Panther ears huh it’s down there okay let’s get some watcher you have to test
all of them it here at a venture fund we test all the toys to make sure they
function up to speed and we’re so grateful that camera mom’s here so she
can help out whoo I think I got the camera maybe not so
hey that’s a good shoot okay camera mom such a good sport if nothing else we got
to give her a thumbs up for this we can put his head on and then for our next
one bad acts well he doesn’t have a hole that I can see I mean look he’s got one
eye that’s white and one eye that’s like he’s got the bat-signal so if he needs
Batman to come help him you know well I want to squish him but let’s see you
can’t see him anything oh man you can’t see anything he’s not transparent so I
mean what oh wow that feels cool what’s in him are those what is that oh the
little bat little bats and it’s all red oh that’s cool so the back you see here
it says gl synthetic rubber pellets again I don’t think there’s any treats
that’d be funny if moose put like a treating one of them and said hey you
know redeem this and you’ll get $1,000 that is cool
and his pants come off and he’s got his back I mean this is cool I really like
him I really like bad acts you know it’s like Batman six up Batman comes in
what’s the problem he’s awesome he’s got his little bat wings see if you listen
very closely you can hear him flapping oh that was him it was flying look at
him I love Batman bad acts any case he’s the
Batman he’s the bad dude and what a collection I love it and my favorites
are actually these two right here bad acts and the ultra rare Hydra the
underwater sea serpent we’ll see dragon as they call man wow that is cool and
you know I guess the eel dudes are my favorites here I hate to say it but
they’re the cool here I mean Blaziken looks awesome I’d
like blaze agon if he could just stand up but he won’t and I like the rep tour
and so really I think these guys are my favorites
so guys putting the concert down below who are your favorites and gosh I hope
you guys get the hydra that’s one in like twenty or fifty I don’t know thanks
for watching crossfire please click the onesies this rule than

11 Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Including the Ultra Rare “Hydra” Adventure Fun Toy review by Dad!
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