you really brought that competition to live one of the highlights of the day no question hopefully this will live up to its billing as well how do you call a winner from this incredible liner miss can i of turkey world under 18 100 meter champion two years ago she'll go in Lane one kiara shrimp makes it for Germans across the two 100-meter finals this evening Victoria Fontana equaled a national under-20 record in the semi-final 11.4 two Emanuela alley that PP of 1150 in Arizona in April [Applause] but what about this 16 year old national under-18 best of 11.37 here in round 1 qualified the fastest she said that she never expected that just came here to Baros to learn savanna bitch of poland world under 18 silver in 2017 so two for the our best way of spain but over 200 meters a couple of years ago national under-20 record PB in the heat of eleven point four three another who's run faster than she ever has done before in 2019 tack ass of hungary European under-18 silver in front of a home crowd in your sensational lineup this is six athletes with pb's this year a number of them going faster in this competition the 16 year old see no the camera focusing on here just what is she capable of I have Turkey Shemp of Germany Fontana of Italy Ali of Great Britain sido Netherlands – fan of itch Poland best away Spain and tack ass of Hungary the women's 100 meter final the stadium going silent for a moment but now a rapture of noise I another great start on the inside Fontana trying to come through so to Sado see though against fontana so so close on the line deep Fontana just get it she equalled that Italian junior record in the semi final say those been the one to catch thus far head in hands for Fontana another new junior record 11:40 given the same time as the 16 year old breaking out into tears Fontana it's a double in these two sprints but Italy hi Stan and now Fontana best way of Spain gets the wrongs just ahead of Ali you just look how close that is let's have another look I don't know can actually believe she's got the gold medal but you got a great start seto slightly better but then the long legs of Fontana just eating up the track close down the deficit just edged in front italy take their second gold in just a few minutes over 100 meters that's right and both of those athletes wear italian under-20 champions just look at the determination on the face of fontana say no also trying to run right through to the line and there is the photo finish my goodness me that is incredibly close bond Tamas lifetime best last year was 1175 it's now 11:40 sheer delight for the Italian they least see more from the crowd it's wind legal also all the more important for us naught point eight meters per second well it was a dead heat in the end we said how tough it would be to call whatever happens sido has come out of this with an enhanced reputation she'll make headlines no question just as she did as a 14 year old when she broke Daphne shippers age group record in the 60 meters in 2017 this has exceeded her expectations with the silver medal best way of Spain eleven point four three turn you PB match that up with an eleven point five nine for third place but look how close it was between third and seventh separated by seven hundredths of a second

100m Women Final • Boras 2019 European U20 Athletics

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