fun fact the MLB all-star game started in 1933 fact from 1959 to 1962 there were two all-star games a year back boof bouncer never made an all-star team but we're not gonna talk about him in today's video instead what we're gonna be doing is talking about the 10 best players that never made an all-star team now like I said the offs are game originated in 1933 so I'm only taking players who career started after that season because technically Rogers Hornsby never made an all-star game and there's a lot of guys who played before that who are in the Hall of Fame who didn't play an oscar game either I'm only gonna be worrying about players that debuted after 1933 as always with these videos if you guys do enjoy make sure to leave a like that's best way support the channel subscribe if you're new and you enjoy the content this support has been amazing keep it up as we try to get to 100k member get in the comment section down below let me know if there's someone I left off this list do you think there's a player that didn't make an all-star game in their career that deserves to be on here don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram after Affleck mark lakes the description and of course if you guys want to save $20 off baseball tickets make sure to go to CG comm or download the app and use the code giraffe at checkout to save yourself $20 off your first purchase so the first play we're gonna talk about on this list is how tras for those who aren't familiar with baseball from the 1930s to 40s who might be going oh it's out Ross well let me tell you a little bit about this guy how Trotsky only played 11 seasons is a major league baseball but a lot of these seasons were pretty impressive from 1934 to 1940 he only had one season with less than 25 home runs in it and that was 1938 where he had 19 he drove in a hundred RBIs six times in the season including leading in 1936 with 162 we had multiple seasons with 30 home runs or more one season where he hit 42 average almost thirty five doubles year along with seven or eight triples he finished with a career average at 302 371 on-base 5.2 sogni an 892 o-p-s 1561 hits 331 doubles 58 triples 228 home runs and 1012 RBIs most people don't know the name how Trotsky because he was trumped by guys like Lou Gehrig but he had a pretty incredible career in the late 30s definitely deserve to be on an all-star team the next part were talking about is Tim salmon of the Angels salmon plate from 92 until 2006 spending 14 years in his career and he had a very impressive career winning the Rookie of the Year in 1993 he finished in the top 10 and VP voting twice top 15 three times he had five seasons where he hit 30 home runs or more and was approaching a hundred RBIs almost every single year he finished his career with the 282 average 385 on-base 498 slugging to give him o PS at 884 for his career 1670 or hits 339 doubles 299 home runs and 1016 RBIs as well Tim Sabol was a really good player in the late 90s early 2000s the next player that missed out on an all-star appearance in his career was Eric Karros similar to Tim salmon Eric Karros Wonder Rookie of the Year award in his career in 1992 he also had five seasons of hitting 30 or more home runs five seasons of 100 RBIs or more and in the other seasons he had really good numbers as well in his 14-year career Eric Karros at 268 with the 325 on-base 454 Salone given o-p-s 779 but when you look at his numbers during the late 90s you start to question how he didn't make an all-star team including the year where he finished fifth in MVP voting in 1995 during those late 90s he was pretty much locked in for 30 homers 30 doubles 100 RBIs and an o PS and the 800s Eric Karros was a pretty solid player just got blacked out by better players like Mark McGwire and such this next player won the MVP one year but didn't make the all-star team we're talking about Kirk Gibson now Kirk Gibson could have been one of the great all-time players had it not been for injuries that riddled his career but while he was healthy he made quite the impact on the field now Gibson played 17 years in Major League Baseball but only eight seasons did he appear in more than a hundred games so you can understand his injury problems his prime went from 1984 to 1988 where he averaged over 25 home runs a year close to 90 RBIs he was good for 20 plus doubles a year as well and he would steal 30 bases almost every season Gibson's career average would finish at 268 with a 352 on-base 463 slugging to give an Opie S at 8:15 and 1553 hits 260 doubles 54 triples 255 home runs and 870 RBIs along with 284 stolen bases on to our first pitcher of the video I'm talking about the left-handed pitcher 1988 World Series champion John Tudor Tudor played from 79 until 90 playing for the Red Sox Pirates Cardinals and Dodgers and he actually had a really solid career he finished second in the siyoung voting in 1985 as well as 8th in the MVP and he didn't make the all-star team that year which let's be honest that was definitely as best season that year he had a 1.9 3ra he went 21 and 8/10 complete game shutouts a whip under 1 at point nine three eight sounds like a pretty dominant pitcher to me the start of tutors career was definitely a bit shaky but after the 1984 season he never had an ER a above 3.84 in the five years he was with the Cardinals he had a two point five two we are a with the Dodgers of two point five seven and the Pirates of three point two seven so it's really only the Boston er a at three point nine six that keeps his career ara above because in his 12 years of pitching at 11772 with the 3.12 we are a 50 complete game 16 for shutouts he pitched just under 1,800 inning struck out nine hundred eighty eight batters while walking 475 and a career whip at one point one nine eight the next player I'm talking about is Tony Phillips who appeared from 1982 to 1999 with teams like the A's Tigers Angels White Sox Blue Jays and Mets if Tony Phillips is playing in baseball right now you'd probably have a lot more appreciation because while I didn't hit for big power he would get on base a lot Tony Phillips led the league in walks two separate years in 1993 and 1996 and he could play a variety of different positions including every outfield position second and third base in his 18-year career Tony Phillips finish with 2023 hits 360 doubles 50 triples 160 home runs 818 RBIs and 177 stolen bases he also had 1319 walks his batting average was 266 with an on-base at 374 slugging at 389 and an o PS at 763 he didn't hit for power but as a leadoff guy at the top of the order he got on base and got the job done he was a pretty solid player this next player was a da Chen first baseman for the Cleveland Indians in the 2000s we're talking about Travis Hafner Hafner played from 2002 until 2013 playing with the Rangers briefly and then the Indians and Yankees but the span we want to highlight is from 2004 until 2007 where Travis Hafner was one of the best hitters in all of baseball he finished his highest fifth in the MVP voting in 2005 and then in 2006 finished eighth he led the league in slugging in o-p-s in 2006 from 2004 to 2006 Hafner average of batting average above 300 on base above 400 slugging approaching 600 and in o-p-s above a thousand in that same span he also had one hundred and twenty seven of his 213 career home runs and his 12-year career Hafner finished with a 273 average 376 on-base 498 slugging to give him no PS at 874 he had just over 1,100 hits with 250 doubles 213 home runs and 731 RBIs after the 2007 season Hafner didn't play nearly as much due to injuries and just getting older but during the prime of his career he definitely should have made an all-star team another player from the early 2000s who never made an all-star team but was really good was Eric Chavez of the eighth now Chavez starred in 98 and played until 2004 going with the A's Yankees and Diamondbacks but let's be honest we all know him as an ace player from the year 2000 to 2006 Eric Chavez was one of the top third basemen in all of baseball he won six school gloves as well as one Silver Slugger during that time he led the league in walks in 2004 and average right around 30 home runs every season with around 100 RBIs and a 17-year career for Shabbos he finished with 1477 hits 318 doubles 260 homers nine hundred and two RBIs he hit 268 with a 342 on-base 475 slugging me in an 880 no PS Chavez could swing the bat he was a great fielder but he had the issue of playing in the same time as some of the absolute all-time greats and for that reason he didn't make all-star teams another guy that played in the 2000s and again was snubbed from all-star games was Pat Burrell of the Phillies and trust me as a met fan I know how good Pat Burrell was cuz he destroyed us Burrell played from 2000 to 2011 with the Phillies rays and Giants his 162-game average was 29 homers 30 doubles two triples in 96 RBIs that's pretty productive he finished his high seventh in the MVP voting in 2005 and when you look at some of the years he can make the all-star team you wonder how 2002 he had 37 homers 39 doubles two triples 116 RBIs with a 920 OTS 2005 32 27 one triple 117 and an 892 o-p-s in his 12-year career he finished with just under 1,400 hits 299 doubles 292 home runs 976 RBIs he had 253 to 361 on-base for 72 slugging and an 8 34 o-p-s as much as I disliked watching Pat the bat play because he destroyed the Mets it's pretty shocking to me he never made an all-star team he was pretty good and the last and final player gonna talk about in this video is gonna be Tom Candiotti who was a right-handed knuckleball Candiotti pitched from 1983 until 1989 with the Brewers Indians Blue Jays Dodgers A's and back to the Indians Candiotti was never the ace of a staff or never the best pitcher in baseball but he did have a few seasons that he should have at least made the all-star team or got in consideration the year I immediately look at his 1991 where he had a 1313 record but a 2.65 er a and a 1.15 win and if you look at his first half numbers with the Indians a 2.2 for er a with a 1.07 whip for a knuckleballer that's unheard of definitely deserves to be on the all-star team he finished his career with the 151 and 164 record and a 3 point 3 7 tra along with the 1.30 with but he pitched just over 2,700 innings striking out 1,700 batters and only walking 883 which again for a knuckleballer is extremely effective so yes while Tom Candiotti was never a scion candidate he was never the best pitcher in baseball he still should have been rewarded for the years where he was acting like an all-star and then I would consider these players as honorable mentions I didn't want to put current players on this official 10 list because they still have their career ahead of them I felt like it wouldn't be right to put them there but here are their names we've got angel Tintin Mane's of the Los Angeles Angels who's hitting's really come around and of course we know him as one of the best defensive shortstops in MLB history if this guy played in a different era he would definitely be making all-star teams left and right it's just shortstop stack now we have Chris Davis of the Oakland A's who just continues to dominate at the plate crushing homeruns like it's his job because well it is his job and he'll also hit 247 every year like he does because he's an alien and not from this planet on the pitching side we got guys like James Paxton of the Yankees but the one that sticks out to me is Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs who's casually been one of the most consistent pitchers the last couple seasons it's incredible he still hasn't made an all-star team with the numbers that he puts up I know his pitching style isn't extremely fun to watch but he deserves to get some recognition and I mean we put Sonny gray on the team over him how does he keep getting snuffed so those are the 10 best players in Major League Baseball that never made an all-star team well at least in my opinion I love to know you guys think about it down the comment section below is there any one I left off and he could have been on this list but I don't want to put any current players because they're still playing as always if you guys do enjoy this video make sure to leave a like that's best way show you support subscribe if you're new and you enjoy the content if you love baseball this is the place to be make sure hit that sub button remember to follow me on twitter and instagram at raf nick mark links in description and that's gonna wrap up today's video YouTube recommends you watch this one right here as well as this is my most recent upload so click through those if you have not yet seen him thank you all for watching for the amazing support recently around the weight 100k let's keep on chugging adios bye

10 BEST MLB Players Who Were Never All Stars

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