Hey guys Sam Thornton here And I’m the new host of Ford zero to sixty we’re gonna be driving around asking head coaches ton of random questions putting them on The spot and today we’re starting with coach Gary Blair of the women’s basketball team Okay, coach Gary Blair, are you ready to do so 260 with fold? I’ve been watching this for so long on late-night TV ready. I Drive a Ford I’m in a Ford. So let’s go, okay So first question if you’re trapped on a desert island, who’s the one team member you’d walk with you? Probably Julia Roberts, why is that? Well, she had no my team, but I would probably vote to have her on my team. I would want somebody that would know how to help us get off of the island Okay, and I’d probably say Jas Williams.
Who on your team is the worst singer. Who do you catch singing? Myself. Oh, really? I cannot sing a lick and got kicked out the church choir when I was a baby Do you think you could beat one of your girls a free throw competition Used to. But back in the day you could get you could take them? yeah I could shoot free throws because I couldn’t shoot jump shots what’s wrong with the jumper? Because it rolled off my hand the wrong way. I didn’t have The shooting coach somebody taught you. Yeah. Well, that’s where we are right now. [phone ringing] Hold on. It might be my shooting coach let me see Could be a recruit could be a shooting coach. You’re all right. Well, we’re stuck in traffic anyway. It’s Walgreens, calling me telling me a prescription is ready. Sorry Walgreens! Last meal. What is your final meal? I want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with crushed up potato chips I’ve never had that before. Oh, yeah. Is that an experience i should try? Oh, yeah it’s one of the must in life that you’ll experience as you grow older and the redhead changes to a little bit of gray. Yeah. I’m hoping that don’t happen anytime soon. You know, there’s only 2% of y’all left in this world. I do. 2% We’re still going strong with that 2% holding the fort down. Yes. Thank you very much for joining us Look, if you can correct that accent, you’ve got a pretty good future in this business

0 to 60 w/Gary Blair
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