yes the good ones going here right get ready to get off you ready yeah oh my god good Sunday morning everybody we are starting off our day right this morning crew and reigai now the you guys are the seed and frozen or on an Elsa are singing do you want to build a snowman well this morning these guys said hey do you want to build a skatepark now crew is quick to tell us it's not a full-sized skatepark just one for tech decks let me show you guys they're not building a full-size skatepark but it's pretty dang big and pretty dang awesome look at this crew show me what it's all about it yeah and then all right guys making a door right there to get into the park where I got show me really quick what happens when you wanna when you're done with it how do you fold it up so this is gonna be an amazing skate park these guys can ride their tech decks on kind of a fun way to start the morning today we got the cutest brother-sister combo you've ever seen over here watching Sophia the first just loving each other eating their cereal look at that I could sit and watch that all day you guys it's the cutest relationship they have they've got their little Pez dispensers that are empty but they still have them I just love the way these two interact Oh breakfast in bed my sweetie yes for that right yes okay sorry the way you just like right they've been working on this skate park and it sounds like bragging maybe made some modifications show me what you got what it can actually fold up now and then it's like hey you guys want to go to the skate park yeah let's go so guys another exciting thing going on this morning this is the slime that these guys made with their Elmer's glue slime kits last night breakfast is just trying to show me that it doesn't stick to the ceiling here can I see this line I want to show how squishy it is guys this is a pretty good little kit that I Murs so the slime was a big hit last night we got four little jars of it over there so these guys have got their slang going on this morning but the big event of the day sunday sunday sunday is this skate park you guys ready to show me what you got perfect down the middle this slime is definitely slimy earth I remember our other slime being yeah that's right now I get for you guys that's the fun video yeah we do have a few slime videos and I'll link our most popular one where we made slime with three simple ingredients found at home go check it out making a braid out of joy real quick be careful because the glass jar okay I'm ready for this crew be dude we're gonna do a ramp to rail slide glass this is a classic is you're gonna skate show here okay ready go can I say savage in 2018 or no oh my gosh dude that's a freakin savvy veteran of skate tech decking stuff through some of that rail to halfpipe whoa oh I got to show me how to work the halfpipe do it slide into the halfpipe back forth do a kickflip out oh you guys a great start to the day I love being at home with you guys thanks Jeff right guys all right guys been building stuff lately and doing a really good job of it that's definitely a strength of yours buddy so sometimes when bricks is naughty we put him in slime out it's like time out oh it's like you're in slime out buddy dude I like that one it doesn't stick good afternoon welcome back we just got back from church does anybody knows anything different about me you guys see anything ever having anything missing maybe for my face some of my tan but also I shaved so for those of you who were asking me to keep it tell me keep going with it I do love it I enjoyed it but not everybody does oh my god I don't like the feel oh yeah I was getting fewer hug for your kisses so to me it was an easy decision to shave it off so we're back from church now guys our church changes times with each new year and so our church shifted till one o'clock and it gets out at 4:00 so if too late the day is like more than halfway over it's kind of weird to come all the time so we're gonna actually have some dinner right now then we're gonna get into whatever we're gonna do for the rest of the day hey did you have a good time today what are you beautiful sure everybody a dress she was so proud of her dress oh it all over her mom's new dress death got on really old suit really old tie in a really old face anemometer hello everyone okay so normally on a Sunday I would bring you like an amazingly awesome recipe I don't have one today Church partly kind of harder I'm gonna have to take mostly to crock-pot meals because it's just gonna be too hard on Sundays so today I bring you leftovers from our date last night with our non vlogger besties there are better best he's just not our vlogger besties pump this is what I bring you leftover teppanyaki which I am so excited to eat the kids are gonna have leftover of stroganoff when I do some noodles for them to be quite honest I am very excited you even eat dinner on site nice line your sling guys you've seen down by our house that we have not had much snow this year in Utah in fact as you can see behind me not much snow this year in Utah it's winter it's January mid-january and we don't have any snow but guess what we just found we just found a winter wonderland a frozen lake for those of you who are new to our channel this is someplace that we like to hang out every summer we do kayaking here stand-up paddleboarding this is one of our favorite hangout spots it's one of those beautiful reservoirs you'll ever see and it's completely frozen over we're gonna go over there and walk on it right now so guys this is the walkway that goes into the lake we usually take our long boards out out long boards where they call paddle boards paddle board music our stand-up paddle boards down here our kayaks oh boy that was slippery good job we have literally jumped off of this dock into the water rather has jumped off onto a stand-up paddle board this is where you launch your kayak right here jumped sweetie do a flip do a flip just do it die just do a dive you guys are crazy look at this instead of stand-up paddleboarding they're sledding across this lake this is amazing camp stepping on it guys this is were I would be swimming guys I mean this is one of the coolest things this is so unreal we'll link for you guys the videos that we've come up here in kayak and paddle board before like there's a rope swing right over there this is where we are often found swimming this is awesome we're now pulling each other on sleds hey Z girl can I see you frozen princess now you're a real Alice aha give me your GoPro I didn't bring it I just thinking I was like it'd be so sick do you know cool that would look underneath to see the surface so this is someone's drilled a hole here doing some ice fishing so we're seeing how thick the ice is reaching our hand down just to see how deep this ice goes Justin just tried it froze his arm so this is like a dipstick that you put in your oil except it's the dipstick we're putting in water that's how thick the ice is right there you guys that's a lot Haizi girl is it freezing cold so another thing with the later church times is hazy does not get a nap on these days and so she's pretty tired at this point but we wanted to hurry up here before the Sun was officially set it's pretty much gone this camera does a great job of pumping in some artificial light is getting pretty dark around here which means it's getting even colder but what a rad experience to come out here it's a little bit of a weird feeling like you kind of are almost waiting to fall in you just feel a little unsure it feels weird to be out here very cool fun way to spend the evening out here with family the little puppy of a ride but they're not that's not stopping them and then you have the crowd of kids chasing afterwards we were just talking about how when we come in the summer the water here at chellah Fork is more cold than anywhere we go it feels like and I'm like now that makes sense walking on a foot of ice now whenever it's freezing I'm like the snakes complete sense it's frozen right now I said beautiful look how beautiful you guys 360 degrees it's just stunning the Sun setting you can see little spots that people have gone ice fishing the kids are all running off and having fun and like you guys I am a little bit nervous that there's gonna be spots that aren't as frozen so be careful and you can see spots out here where people have had fires I wouldn't sit on ice next to a fire I'd be afraid I'd pull through all right you guys this is called Lake sledding right here groovy you've now officially kayak and sledded on the same spot oh shoot drag guys up for some night Lake sliding here we go this is unreal I can't believe we're even doing this i Breck see dude was up next on the sled listen really closely what were standing on right here is not nearly just because it was out there like it's only maybe this thick and when we jump on it you can hear a crack and feel it move oh good one's gonna hear right get ready to get off figure yeah look at that he cracked it all the way out to there look at that oh my gosh that's still thick dude that's thick watch everybody oh yeah that's pretty awesome hazy okay hey Z's freezing guys this turned out to be quite the epic Sunday night vlog the battery's dying on this thing because it is so freezing cold so we are gonna sign on we can Haizi is frozen Oh in fact let's do that let's go home and some hot chocolate you guys want to guys a little bit of winter for you we haven't had much of a winter here in Utah ski winter wouldn't come to us we had to go to winter lots of fun out here till before reservoir walking across the sledding breaking it trying to fall in it now we're gonna head back home and get some hot chocolate everybody just pray that I get better cuz I look on the brink it's like almost there but not quite like turning into there but enough there that I'm like tired of sniffling I think the best thing for it is a head into the mountain air get on a freezing cold lake breezier took us off cuz now I'm sitting by the fire now we got the fireplace keeping us warm right here it's the other ways you can keep warm my toes frozen they are freezing I'm cold guys what a fun way to finish the day by heading out in finding winter we sought out winter we found it are we crazy yeah we're a little crazy kind of think we're crazy because who does that we should search out in farmers I just came watch that okay guys we're winding them a night down here by the fireplace we love you guys so much ended up being a super fun vlog today we hope you enjoyed it was fun to go out to one of our favorite places till before reservoir but have it frozen over it what's call a fun fun day a cool tomorrow the kids are off at school so we're gold state holiday tomorrow guys Martin Luther King Day I stopped to work but the kids are the got no school sleep in a little bit maybe he just pointed to me as if I'm a kid I am sleeping it the kids are all sleeping in the kids wall but hopefully so we're gonna like take a run to the dumpster we're gonna go to the DI whoo you know just getting some time you can spend some time with this cutie pie huh hey Zeke you say good night to everybody say bye love you and then do ye bye bye good night guys we'll see you tomorrow [Applause]

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