Hi guys, today I’m gonna tell you about
how to roller skate around corners.
If you can only go straight and don’t want to look like a beginner, If you can only go straight and don’t want to look like a beginner, then please watch this video. Don’t forget to practice.
You should cross your feet when going around corners. But most beginners are scared of lifting their feet.
So we’re going to practice it first. Put your feet into the 11 position.
Get down low in your squat position. Pick up your right foot and cross it over.
Hold it for 3 seconds.
You’ll be unstable in this position. But if you don’t keep it for 3 seconds,
you won’t be able to have good posture. Get up and put your feet back into the 11 position. Please practice both sides like me. I’ll give you one more tip, standing on one foot.
It’s good for other skating skills. Let’s practice more detail posture. Take your feet in 11 shape and get down low.
weight to your left leg.
Pick up your right cross it over. Going to weight transfer then to your right foot.
Push your left toe
and then you’ll fall back over to your left. Well one more time. I’ll tell you about your torso.
Usually we going to around corners in the left direction. So look to the left of your torso. Let’s go skating.
When you come to the corner,
you should slower speed and get down low. There’s a summary at the end of this video.
Please review it again.
I’ll get back to you in the next video
on how to roller skate backwards.

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