Hi guys, today I’m gonna tell you
how to roller skate for beginners and kids When I was working at the roller skate rink.
I got a lot of tips on how to teach beginners. If you pay you get taught how to skate.
How to roller skate
How to roller skate around corners
How to roller skate backwards
You’ll learn it. Today I’ll tell you about how to roller skate. I taught children who were 3 years old this way.
Even they could learn so fast in 30minutes or 1hour. So you could try it. If you’re not a chicken 😉 Well, almost all beginners have got the same problem. A beginner who’s skating for the first time
or can skate but unstable,
tend to walking like they’re walking in shoes. When we’re walking in shoes,
the feet are in 11 shape and we lift our heels. But roller skates have wheels
so if you lift your heels, you’ll fall. You should slide. But it’s quite hard for beginners.
Then, How do you practice? Please watch this video and practice.
First you should stand
with your feet in a V shape.
It’s a basic pose. Get down low
in a squat position. You just walk a little by little.
Look like a cute penguin.
Most people’s pose gets worse and worse. Keep your feet in a V and don’t go fast. Also don’t let your feet go far from one another.
Let’s move on next stage. Try a to do a slide move.
Keep your feet in a V shape and get down low in the squat position again. First, take your left foot and slide it to the left.
Then, lift your right foot and put it next to your left foot. Don’t lift your heels.
Keep your feet in a V shape.
Make sure your feet don’t go to the 11 shape. and do not to let your feet open. You might be better if you practice a lot. Is there someone who watching this video
because wanna teaching your child by any chance? If you want to hold their hands,
you should stand face to face. But as for me, I don’t hold their hands.
There are 2 reasons.
Firstly, If you continue holding their hands. They might continue to depend on you. Secondly, When a child falls, they might fall on you.
So it could get hurt alongside you. Secondly, When a child falls, they might fall on you.
So it could get hurt alongside you. Also everybody could get hurt.
You should put on the safety pads. There’s a summary at the end of this video.
Please review it again.
I’ll get back to you in the next video
on how to roller skate around corners.

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