Hi guys, this is my last video on basic roller skating.
I’ll tell you about how to roller skate backwards. My next video will be about how to roller dance for beginners,
so if you need these videos, or just enjoy them, please subscribe. There are a lot of videos about skating backwards online.
They all show different ways and methods of doing it. I’ll show you the easiest ways I know, so even children can learn it.
First, let’s talk about the “8” position. This is the most basic position,
and it looks a bit like the number 8. Put your feet together
with your heels facing
outwards in an “A” shape,
then squat down low. Your body will always go
in the direction that
your feet are open to. If your heels are open, you will go backwards.
You don’t need a lot of power to go backwards. Once your feet are apart, bring your heels inward again.
This is the part where you will use some power. The difficulty comes from having to constantly move your heels in and out. When you change the direction of your feet,
you should be getting most of the power from clenching your butt muscles. Also, you have to use power while curving your heels towards the inside,
and while curving your heels towards the outside. Next is the zigzag method. Put one foot in front of the other and get down low.
Then point your toes in and your heels out. Go backwards
then, using your butt muscles, swing your feet back inside by applying force to your heels. It’s similar to the “8” position. You should practice this position by alternating which foot you put in front. If you have more strength in one foot than in the other,
you will not go straight backwards.
Instead, you will veer off in one direction slightly. It takes practice to equally distribute power to both of your feet.
You should also try alternating between front feet between each cycle. Next is the importance of looking backwards.
Of course, if you don’t watch where you are going,
it can be very dangerous. Simply turn your torso and look over your shoulder
every so often in order to check your surroundings. This is just to make sure that there isn’t something or someone behind you, This is just to make sure that there isn’t something or someone behind you, because you should always be checking for that. Last is about how to turn around corners.
You need to lower your stance
more when going around corners. Put one foot in front
and keep it there.
Use the opposite foot to push in the opposite direction. Then raise that opposite foot as you come around the corner.
If you can’t raise that foot, Raising the foot takes a lot of practice.
It took me about 10 days to be able to do it, so just keep at it. Keep practicing and you can do it!
Ok, I’ll get back to you guys in the next video
on how to roller dance for beginners.

(롤러스케이트 초보) 쉽게 뒤로타는 법 + 코너링

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    역시 전문가라 설명이 디테일 하시네요~

  • September 2, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    0:48 연습1 항아리모양
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    2:36 지그재그 주의
    2:47 연습3 지그재그 교차
    3:14 뒤 보는 법
    3:45 뒤로 코너링하는 방법
    4:31 핵심 요약


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