There are two types of bearings : basic ones and miniature ones.
Basic ones are used by almost all skates, To put it simply, Your axle size number and last number of the bearings is same. You could know your axle size,
check the bearing you were using. The axle size is 7mm, you have to buy 167 bearings.
The axle size is 8mm, you have to buy 688 bearings. I knew two ways.
Bones bearing tool 8mm
This is tool for take out the bearings.
It is for axle size 8mm.
So you could use it with 608 bearings. I’ll get back to you in next video
on how to clean your bearings.

(롤러스케이트) 베어링 고르고 교체하는 법 총정리 / 스케이터 시은

One thought on “(롤러스케이트) 베어링 고르고 교체하는 법 총정리 / 스케이터 시은

  • September 22, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    0:37 베어링의 종류
    1:13 일반 베어링 선택 하는 법
    2:02 ABEC
    2:26 미니 베어링 선택 하는 법
    3:05 베어링 빼는 법 (도구O)
    3:13 베어링 빼는 법 (도구X)
    3:36 베어링 끼우는 법
    4:39 핵심 요약


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