where their father and mother I'm the oldest you'd a little baby you're the mom which means I'm the dad awesome what do you guys do as a family besides just sit and snuggle do you guys do chores that's all he really does leg eat ray but I bet your family could could get some chores done like maybe you could do dish I'm gonna invite you into my house to live here and to do the chores thank you what we're so grateful some of our neighbors came over and started shoveling our driveway and they did almost all of it before I was able to get out to help I'm really happy about that and embarrassed so thank you I love it be careful he's so careful buddy I know but if you hate your face it will not be fun okay I just dropped my phone in the snow and found it immediately very grateful because it was about 20 feet away from me when I lost it you okay well this morning I snuck a few minutes on the computer to finish up some Christmas shopping I think there's only one or two things I need from a local store and besides that I'm mostly done which is exciting and kind of lame because I was trying to get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving and clearly I missed that by a mile like I'm barely getting it done before Christmas this is cutting it really close next year I think I need to set my goal earlier like maybe I'll try to get my Christmas shopping done before Halloween or before school starts or I should just start now so I went to shake the salsa and the lid wasn't screwed on have you ever done that before I remember one time I did that with a whole thing of orange juice and I went to shape the orange juice and the lid wasn't on and it got all over me I was completely covered and I had like a suit on yes and I got covered in orange juice hey Caleb what are you making are you reading the instructions two cups of brown sugar I see it second 1/2 cups brown sugar so I love sugar cookies is probably my all-time favorite treat and my favorite sugar cookie recipe is this sugar cookie recipe it's a homemade brown sugar cookie recipe it's just amazing good job Caleb and then you turn it up to my elbow yeah everywhere yeah all right we're here at IKEA again we came in before to pick up something and I left my wallet have you been dieting or let us know in the poll question so we were going to just pick something up but it's too fun to just walk through IKEA there's so many fun things to see and to look at good job good job miss Elise Eva that's impressive turn to the Snowman hey sugar you want it push hard push good job then you lift it up what did you make me get now we're gonna put it here it's got a cook yeah now I got to rotate it so it doesn't get to skin yeah move up move it move it move it so this is Isaac's dresser currently we've just been using this like Tupperware dresser and then here's what Caleb has been using so we decided it was finally time to get a real dresser for them you happen bill so this afternoon while we were waiting for the cookies to cool down so we could decorate them the kids and my mom and I played with story cards I don't know if you guys have seen him before my friend has a company hide the wild and she sent these to us and she has a nativity set and just a regular set and it was so fun the creative stories that the kids and us were able to come up with and we were just laughing and having a good time I love games that bring families together so if you're interested you can check out her Instagram and her Etsy and I'll put that link in the description box below and I gotta go cause something beeping one time a king lived in a castle that know that he didn't let anyone ever go to it and the king was a four man go oh he was very mean and his name was Albert Albert the wicked King Albert the Flamingo and his castle was very unique because it was on an island all by itself and there was no one around but he was a very mean King even though no one was there and the Knights were jumping on pogo sticks and they were looking for bad guys and pirates and they won me and all right Lisi what shape did you want miss Turkel great choice miss Laura I apparently wanted a lot of sprinkles on my tree look at my stuff and get enough sprinkle buddy trying to give it some texture like a Christmas tree so someday I dream of doing really fancy elaborate sugar cookie decoration designs with my kids but we're still in the years where we just like frosting and sprinkles on I call it good sprinkles all over the floor too that's an important element and luckily the kids remembered that that's an important part of this experience sugar cookies taste good even though they don't look good no you think so what makes them taste good phosgene I love frosting I drag too much maybe we'll do a bath maybe all right so we didn't finish putting together the dresser but we got close so we're gonna continue working on it and we'll get it finished tomorrow right buddy well I think so dad Jeremy's singing in the bathroom but he's on the toilet you guys have got to hear this

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