Tuktamysheva snaps triple
axels like seeds and her short program – just
bomb. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
won the first stage Cup of St. Petersburg,
gaining 229.12 points in total two programs. Her short program has become
the highlight of the day. And all because Lisa is like
and promised earlier, decided execute it under the original
soundtrack – composition Drumming Song performed by
Florence And The Machine. And here is the program,
conceived by She-Lynn Bourne for Tuktamysheva, played
In his best. A stylish black dress
with a choker and perfect technical execution
hop content as triple axel cascade
triple flip and triple lutz only reinforced bright
impression of the performance. Rated rental Tuktamysheva
and Mishin, who met her with ice saying: “Well, you give!” What is so special
appeared in the short program figure skaters compared
with test hire and performance on Lombardy
trophy? First, the soundtrack is more
energetic compared with a little dreary Oblivion,
on which Tuktamysheva decided to change it. Secondly, he seemed to breathe
into Lisa herself’s energy and flight, the program as a whole has become
look stylish, original and expressively. There is a change in style,
which international judges should definitely have to
to taste and finally find reflected in estimates for
Components. How can I not recall the phrase
Tuktamysheva herself, I have Components really appeared. I knew that I have
steps but this program is real turned out at the level of winners
World Cup. It was hard, but I understood
what will it look differently. The last phrase is
the main difficulty for the skater – will it be possible to combine
new style and unusual content in a short program? If yes, then it will be serious
leadership application for any tournament with any
rivals without reservation that components are not
her forte. Fans are ready now
write a petition to Tuktamysheva left the program
in this particular version. In any program
Tuktamysheva continued add all that is not
enough in Italy – a suit, playful mood which
was not in bergamo because of poisoning and even two of the purest
triple axel. Double Cascade
Axel – triple sheepskin coat, where it was also planned
double sheepskin coat, for sure should not be embarrassed, it worked out,
rather, stupid and random, because since the past
of the season of such failures at Tuktamysheva practically does not happen. This is instructive stated
and Mishin: “Better to fall, than to make a butterfly. ” From the unpleasant – the second
step track level and third on the slope that in
combat competitive conditions will be simply unacceptable. Although generally non-hopping
items were rated in St. Petersburg is enough
strictly, unlike loyal scoring approach
for components and quality execution. Also a clear loss of points
looks like a combination of triple lutz and double
axel, as estimated with a coefficient of 0.8, with
that the program does not used triple salchow. Although it is possible that so far
current hop set in any program
Is a working option, which during the season
will still be adjusted.

Туктамышева щёлкает триксели как семечки.Tuktamysheva snaps trixels like seeds

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