can I please pizza with sausage dad wake up soon we caught an ice cream maker what is there again? do not give normal sleep? hey sleepy princess wake up soon there it is! what happened son? Chebureka again cut dad i caught an ice cream maker he is in this room again you with your ice cream maker how much can you? Dad, he’s definitely there! tell cheburek yeah he’s there! let’s see – open yeah got it! so where is your ice cream maker? I don’t understand, he was definitely here he was! definitely would be if it weren’t I would then be in my pants from fear of the wrong stop guys let’s prove to dad that the ice cream maker exists put a video like if you saw it here look! what is this box? about! this is my delivery now we are! cool you played me it was not a joke where did he go? I don’t know, let’s go look Ice Cream Maker Frozen Cannon What to do? I have an idea look what I found OK, let’s try so men stop doing gun hair We went to the restaurant for dinner, otherwise I didn’t get enough ice cream. I’m hungry too Dad, look, we thawed the gun Mark I need one place now you order so far and I’ll come so many free places where to sit? send eared, otherwise I’m so hungry that I’ll eat you too rather, I’m inedible Cheburek i want a cake no many cakes I want pizza with sausage can I please pizza with sausage run ice cream again come off mom save and why did he become attached to us? already 3 days running after us maybe he wants something from us maybe he needs help? would you risk asking him? not when will dad come and save us? you better ask where do we hide? Cheburek sit quietly and do not breathe he is already close he lost something soon pick up let’s see what’s there it’s a wallet open it soon look, he has a son wow so maybe the ice cream maker is so angry because his son was gone and now he blames everyone for this and drives away his anger we urgently need to find the ice cream son immediately he will help us stop guys look and other videos on my channel like subscribe bye Bye


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