their performances against themselves are they making progress that’s what well there we’d like to welcome all our worldwide viewers who’ve just finished watching the Shanghai Cup or Shanghai trophy pardon me joining our broadcast here from in yet no mark Italy if you’ve just joined us from at that competition send us a tweet or message should an Instagram love to know what your impressions of the Shanghai trophy was and whether you actually came from that to this no where’s our traffic coming from good to know it’s a spike in the numbers we assume that number of viewers watching that competition have joined dis now that that’s over hope you’ll stay with us some really great skating coming up hoping that the ladies who’ve been so good throughout the whole year I’ll have another great day I want to continue to follow the careers of these young juniors as they move into senior into championships in ten Olympic Games maybe onto the podium I mean witnessed their drill of Italy last night just absolutely spectacular program if you haven’t seen that go to the YouTube channel make sure you track that down that is a very special performance indeed worth watching again and again look at the start order for group to just finishing up their warmup yes we don’t know about [Music] between [Music] to [Music] ladies this warm-up within the please clear the ice all the ice lasagna second junior Grand Prix season 15 years old she needs a top finish here to climb into the Junior Grand Prix final she certainly can do it seventy-three point zero four personal bests inqilab ensk where she was second [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Applause] but it was [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] number seven [Music] [Music] [Applause] I just don’t know how some of these young ladies skate was such maturity and understanding for the music and the root of it then technically just deliver everything beautifully that was exquisite this young lady doesn’t have the quads yet of the triple axel but she has everything else she’s ready to go ready to challenge at the top just beautiful let’s take a look here’s the triple to watch the landing I want you to watch the landing see the 1 foot glide then the 3 turn then little Mohawk so she keeps the transitions moving okay Sam next element here’s the double axel watch the landing and beautiful riding the edge there’s another three turn so it’s not just landing okay then let’s march to the next jump she works every edge there’s chipper lots pushes up high and then there’s some more steps transitions it’s not just marching from one element to the next here’s a look at the feet to see how tight they get pretty good near the end little open on the way up but she gets it all done nice and solid on those landings in such detail in the step sequence there’s a nice twizzle takes your time it’s a heel down whose shoulder twist so the choreography given was the choreography presented didn’t cheat it some skaters sort of forget to do certain parts of the choreography kids are tired or they’re behind the music but this young lady took all the detail and delivered it nice beautiful should see a very nice score here for the quality of what was delivered 74 0.65 you can see the eyebrows go right up with Zegna season’s best this young ladies clearly in first place at this point beautiful job young lady really fun to watch

Ксения СИНИЦЫНА КП 04.10.2019 JGP Rnd7 Egna-Neumarkt(Italy)
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