Giovanni posi validation at the thought the final group the taking to the ISIS may now take the ice for their warm-up is the beginning average people from de Lucia from Russia Darya was such a BA is Lucy she had a second place in Latvia that 13 points so for her she will need to have a first or second don’t think of third will do it she’s gonna need to really deliver and this is the first competition for Anna for lovea so she doesn’t really play a role unless also if Daria you Java right here on your screen if she has a seconder first then she will also be guaranteed a spot at the junior grand prix final so two young ladies their destinies in their own hands here tonight guard order for the final group the results of the short program on your right side [Music] [Music] [Music] for the last mention of the day hoping as many of you as possible who have not subscribed to the YouTube channel please do so please do so Zeca help us keep you informed or warm up when we go for live streams voting videos would greatly greatly appreciate anyone who can who has not subscribed to please do so system operates the Mita Lucien next to state representing Russia da-da-da-da-da Daria was second in week 3 she’s 13 years old first after the short program a beautiful skater she’s coached by a Terry tuber Etsy Sergey Dudek often L glycan cows 125 point three six or any not in the Rica Cup Junior Grand Prix just a few weeks ago she has the goods she has the program he needs to deliver it and then needs to be now and she’s getting tissue sweet mallet by Lara Fabian [Music] [Music] she knew [Music] she Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Daria you satchel ah Lucia Russia well you can see the excellence that this young lady possesses in her abilities her class and her style and a performance but there were mistakes there’s no question and right skating right after a and Li was not easy big score great skate you had to respond this young lady’s just 13 years old hasn’t been in that situation too often here’s the double axel Ford on the landing that was the very first jump so she’s just a little bit off does it did it get bother her triple lutz double toe loop a little sloppy on that as well but what was great is she came back started to focus get more comfortable here’s a triple loop right on top you can see the quality of all the positions so beautiful here’s the triple lutz hooey load triple salchow look at how she lifted up higher on that saw how to make sure she cleared that landing triple flip triple toe loop a little bit later beautiful she’s back on track but then right here she missed pics a little bit here watch that pick slip a little bit right there the blade just wow that did not lift [Music] but that’s how good the skating is on the juniors if you’re gonna be on the podium you really can’t make too many mistakes if any mistakes skaters are so good as is this young lady Daria who Shiva she’s got a brilliant chef course one point five point three six is her season’s best that Yamaha is Lucia globally program most loyal eyes thought by this is a steely finish court tonight is joy a season’s best one twenty six point one zero just above is a second in the program Baba ether in with the total competition score one is ninety seven point one nine they’ll start is currently rushed in second place so she’s gone the poachers for sure over one color of the metal might be disturbing over the next skater Doku points and he’s currently in the second place

Дарья УСАЧЕВА ПП 27.9.2019 JGP Rnd6 Croatia Cup (Zagreb, Croatia) @ Matrix
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